Cameron SullivanCameron has been involved with the fitness industry for the past 4 years, He is a fully qualified Personal trainer and also a qualified Aussie rules and touch rugby coach. Cameron has been playing multiple sports for over 12 years now. These sports include Aussie Rules Football, Basketball, Touch Rugby, American Football and Boxing. Cameron started his bodybuilding journey roughly 2 years ago after receiving 3 consecutive knee injuries he decided he wanted to build his body to be better, faster and overall a lot stronger.

WILLIAM GRANT – Supplement Expert

Will GrantUpon finishing year 12 Will immediately became involved in the fitness industry undertaking a sports science degree and working part time as a personal trainer. Will learnt beside some of the best strength coaches for the past 5 years, completed his sports science degree and winning the 2013 Juniors bodybuilding title. Will is passionate about delivering results to his clients and continues to further his learning and knowledge of fitness.

TAK CHENG – Supplement Expert

takTak has been weight training since 2008 and competed in his first bodybuilding show in 2013 in which he placed 6th in the Men’s Novice INBA, 2nd in the NABBA/WFF and 2nd in the ANBWA. He is currently a 3rd year physio student. This pathway has allowed Tak to gain an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. 

His supplementation and training knowledge comes from years of training and experimenting and in recent years, use of evidence based research.

CASSIDY WILLIAMS  – Supplement Expert

cassidy2Almost born in a gym, Cass was brought up in England, where his family owned part of the world gym franchise. At age 11 he began training, and now at 27 is a former national rugby union player for teens, having traveled around the world for his sport. After a shoulder reconstruction Cass then began strong man training and placed 2nd in South West England for strongest man in his twenties. After moving to Australia 2 years ago, Cass has kept up his training and involvement with the fitness industry, and is now a well known bodybuilder around the local area.

3 Responses to MEET THE TEAM

  1. Chris James says:

    Do you guys stock ON products and if so will they be on sale come the day Dennis James is at the store?

  2. John says:

    Hey guys,

    was just wondering if you were hiring at the moment? and if so where would I send a resume too?


    • kingsupplement says:

      Hi John,

      we always on the look out for new staff. if you could please drop off your resume to the store at 2/381 canning hwy, palmyra.


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